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What Are The Best Treatments For Cancer?

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Cancer is a serious disease that takes a toll on your body. Studies show that one in three people in the United States has cancer, showing the prevalence of the disease. Cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the body, instead of these abnormal cells dying. Cancers either affect the blood, like leukemia or lymphoma, or the body, like lung cancer or breast cancer.

There are treatments available to stop the growth of cancer cells. Medical professionals have found many ways to treat cancer, to restore their quality of life. You can locate a cancer treatment center in the Los Angeles area, like the oncologist Newport Beach-located, for quality care. Let’s explore some common treatments¬†of¬†cancer:

1. Primary Treatment – This version focuses on removing and killing the cancer cells. The most common primary treatment is surgery.

2. Adjuvant Treatment – This method is used if there are any remaining cancer cells from primary treatment. The adjuvant treatment reduces the chances of cancer reoccurring. These treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy.

3. Palliative Treatment – This method involves relieving symptoms of cancer, such as pain and shortness of breath. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation can all be used for palliative treatment as well.

Other treatments include infusion therapy and targeted drug therapy, which focus on the specific causes of abnormalities of the cancer cells. If you or someone you know needs cancer treatment, find a center that provides several options for optimal health and well-being.