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Things To Know Before Getting A Breast Reduction

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Many women are now beginning to realise that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to breast size. It can cause so many difficulties throughout a woman’s life, and if you have had large boobs since you hit puberty, then when you have a breast reduction, it is literally and figuratively a weight being lifted from your chest. More women are choosing to reduce the size of their breasts rather than get them enlarged as there is much more information on what is available for women in this area. In this article, we will go through some things to know about getting a breast reduction Manchester based or anywhere else in the world.

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You Have To Meet Requirements To Be Considered

It is unlikely that you will be allowed a breast reduction if you have a BMI of 25 or less for over two years. If you have tried a professionally fitted bra and seen a physiotherapist then you may be able to get this done through the NHS, as well as if you suffer from redness of infection under the boobs. In other words, you must show that you really need it and have exhausted every other option. You can also go privately for a breast reduction which will in turn speed the process up. However, they will want to understand why you want it and manage your expectations accordingly.

You Won’t Necessarily Go Down A Size Alphabetically

When looking at getting a breast reduction, then you would probably think that the breast sizing will go down in alphabetical cup size like a size F to a size E, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Having an image in mind is a great idea, and if you have images of what you want, even better. It’s important to know that this can help, but you must be flexible with the outcome as it is difficult to determine the cup size that the reduction will produce. Surgeons also believe that how symmetrical and how balanced they are over the cup size. Whereas when you are having a breast implant replacement surgery, you can already determine roughly the size you will be.

It Can Be Painful, But Bearable

When recovering after a breast reduction, you will feel some soreness for the first couple of days but it won’t be severe pain. Many other nuisances follow in the recovery stage which are small things that people don’t think of. This includes, the stitches being removed and the scabbing of the scars, they are also sore when you drive home from the procedure so it’s best to get a smooth route home.

You Will Need More Time To Recover Than You Think

The surgeon will give you a definitive answer on the recovery time but it’s usually around two to four weeks depending on the job role you have and your lifestyle. You will need to wear a post-surgery bra which the surgeon will also tell you how long this should be worn for. You will also need a helping hand in your day to day tasks such as shopping, tidying up, childcare etc. For the first couple of weeks, you will need to wear a sports bra or post-surgery bra for up to three months and will be tired and sore from the recovery.