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Compare and Contrast: CBD vs CBC

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With so many types of cannabinoids around, it can be difficult and overwhelming for anyone trying this out for the first time. While they essentially all provide the same effects of relaxation and pain relief, for the most part, it still does not make them exactly the same.

Here is a brief explanation of the two, so you can understand their differences better. This way, you can make a better-informed decision when you’re ready to buy your own supply.


Short for cannabichromene, CBC is largely deemed to be the less popular sibling of CBD and THC. However, this does not mean that it is any less effective than the others. A prominent feature of CBC is that it is not psychoactive, making it safer to consume in case you would only like to enjoy the health benefits of it, and not necessarily the high.

 So far, it’s been observed to have great potential in dealing with inflammation, pain relief, and even minimizing acne development.


Meanwhile, CBD, or cannabidiol, is the more recognized type between the two. Like CBC, this too does not contain psychoactive ingredients. It usually comes in extracted form, gel capsules, and oils or tinctures.

It’s quickly grown popular in the last few years because of its easy incorporation into a variety of food and drinks products, from sweet beverages to cakes, and even savory dishes. Because of its popularity, you might be more likely to find CBD products, although CBC is available as well.

Whether it’s a full spectrum or broad spectrum CBC or CBD, the important thing is that you get your products from reputable and trusted suppliers so you can get good quality cannabinoid products.