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Electronic cigarettes are better than smoking – Do you know why?

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Majority of the Americans remain pretty confused about electronic cigarettes as they’re torn between whether to use them or not to use them. The public were split almost evenly between those who felt that they’re less harmful than traditional cigarettes and those who thought that they’re even worse or equally harmful to tobacco cigarettes. It is sad enough to note that there’s no long term data regarding electronic cigarettes. Nevertheless, according to whatever information we have, it has been found out that e-cigarettes usually have a mixture of benefits and pitfalls, where the benefits outshine the pitfalls for sure.

Electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes

The good news for the vapers and smokers is that e-cigarettes are less lethal than the traditional cigarettes. When we all are aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is a rather too dangerous addiction and they are the only consumer product which kills as it is directed, still why do so many people indulge in cigarettes? Did you know that the smoking cigarette is the #1 cause of the total number of deaths in the nation where it kills almost 470,000 people in a year? This is even more deaths than heroin, HUV, cocaine, methamphetamine, car accidents, alcohol and firearms all combined.

Smoking boosts the risk of heart attack, stroke, COPD, diabetes, asthma and many forms of cancer. Moreover the free radicals that you find in cigarette smoke also age the human body. Smoking reduces the life span by 10 years and this is why tobacco is not approved for sale if it was put inside a new product that was coming into the market.

If you consider a burning cigarette, it releases toxic gases like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and several others. The smoke even comprises of fine suspension of gummy residue which is called tar. The carcinogens which are the most harmful things found in smoke are usually there inside the tar. This is the biggest benefit of e-cigarettes as there is no tar or the toxic gases which are found in cigarette smoke. The e-liquid is heated by a vaporizer powered by a battery and then it is converted into mist which is vaped or inhaled.

According to a clinical trial, electronic cigarettes were moderately helpful in ditching the habit of smoking among the smokers. On the other hand, there are several other studies where the usage of electronic cigarettes didn’t increase the quit rates or even link them to an increased risk of continuing to smoke. So, if you’re trying to quit smoking, you could opt for getting your vape pen for trial from www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/best-e-liquid/ as they will provide you with the most authentic e-liquids.