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What to do if your partner doubts his paternity?

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Man wants wife to take paternity test; wife says it was 'a drunk night.'  UPDATED | Someecards Childrearing

Ideally, couples should live happily and resolve their differences without getting into arguments or fights. The reality is that this is not always the case, so you should look for the best ways to solve your differences. Thanks to prenatal DNA testing you can eliminate your partner’s doubts about his paternity. The baby’s DNA is extracted from a sample of the mother’s blood from the 7th week of pregnancy. The alleged father must provide a saliva sample so that the laboratory can compare the DNA sample. You can purchase a home DNA test kit and take the samples at home. The lab will send you everything you need to collect the mother’s blood sample and the father’s saliva sample. Then you just have to send the samples to the lab address and wait for the results to come back.

Men may know the truth

Paternity tests are often seen as negative. If a man asks for this type of test, it’s probably because he doesn’t trust his paternity, right? Actually, this is not always the case. Men may know whether or not they are the parents of another person. It is not important to express the reasons that have led a man to ask for this type of test, but that the man can be completely sure that he knows the truth. Even if the couple is no longer together, responsible men will assume any paternity if necessary. Women should understand that it is about the welfare of their children and nothing else. In fact, some men have returned to their partners after discovering that they are carrying their children. In other words, a paternity test could bring families back together.

What to do with the test results?

Before reading the results, the couple has to prove that there will be no claims of any kind. If the results are negative, the man must decide to stay with the woman or leave. If the results are positive, the couple must ensure that the rights of the minor are fulfilled. Everyone has the right to know his or her parents, so it is important that both parents appear on the baby’s birth certificate. If they decide to break up, they should maintain communication in order to take care of the minor’s welfare. The results of a paternity test should never generate claims. If the couple cannot reach an agreement, the intervention of a judge is necessary, and legal processes can be costly and cumbersome.