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3 Unique Ways to Stay Healthy in 2020

2 min read

Every year, millions of people make the resolution to go to the gym and get into better shape- but that is easier said than done. If the gym is just not for you, here are some unique activities that you can try that are fun and will help to improve your fitness.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is great for your mental and physical health. It can help you develop core strength while also toning your muscles. It is also a great way to work on socialization and trust issues, as you become one with the horse and need to rely on it to keep you safe and take you where you ask it to go. Just ensure that wherever you ride, that they have horse insurance in the case of an accident or injury.

Go Bowling

Grab some friends and head to the bowling alley. Bowling has numerous health benefits, such as muscle toning and weight loss. In fact, a person can burn anywhere from 170 to 300 calories per game. If you bowl a few games, you may just burn enough calories to offset any refreshments that you and your friends have partaken in.

Go Running

Running isn’t easy, but if you like the idea of flexibility in your workout and don’t want to be confined by the walls of a gym, it may be worth exploring. Start small and only try short distances for the first few weeks. When you begin to feel confident, join a local running club or sign up for a 5k. You will be surprised by how open and inviting the running community can be- even if you are not an experienced runner.

The gym isn’t for everyone, but there are many other ways to get exercise. Try some of these fun ideas to have a healthy start to the new year.