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What Are the Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Growth?

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A great body is every man’s dream. That is why so many work hard at gyms to build biceps, triceps, and abs. With each new ton of muscle gained, there is the determination to do more.

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Equally, the craving for alcohol is an irresistible feeling for addicted drinkers. To most men, alcohol consumption makes them feel happy and relaxed. For a man who loves drinking, and also desire to have strong muscles, there is a strong opposition between both cravings.

This article will discuss the effects of alcohol on muscle growth. On ReviewsBird.com, you can find tips for muscle growth from the feedback and opinions of the many users on the platform.

To start with, alcohol intake may cause an impediment to reach fitness goals. According to research, alcohol can alter hormone levels and reduce metabolism. Consequently, it becomes difficult to burn body fat. This, however, isn’t applicable to one or two drinks. Taken in moderation, alcohol, as a matter of fact, has its advantages. But excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous.

It has been discovered that Muscle Protein Synthesis, which aids muscle growth is at risk of being impaired through binge drinking.

As we all know, most people who are working towards growing muscles usually go on a diet so as to watch calorie intake. Excessive drinking can make one lower his or her guard regarding dieting rules, thereby leading to heavy eating. As a result, there is an increase in the consumption of calories. The calories accumulated might result in weight gain. Updates on alcohol shop reviews support this.

In a similar development, the human body views alcohol as toxic. Upon consumption, there is a deviation in body function as metabolism stops burning food calories in order to remove toxic waste produced from alcohol. Thus, the process of burning body fat slows down, which could affect muscle growth and recovery. This delayed process of burning calories is especially severe around the belly. Instead of trendy abs, one could end up having a fully bloated “potbelly.”

In the same vein, alcohol acts as a sedative. A person may feel drowsy, react slowly and act clumsily under its influence. A bodybuilder facing these side effects after alcohol consumption may experience poor eye-hand coordination and may be unable to do his regular count of workouts. Thus, his fitness goals for that day won’t be achieved.

Obviously, exercise tears the muscles. This accounts for the aches in the arms, lower back, and abdomen after exercises. Excessive alcohol consumption weakens the muscles. This is evident in the accompanying hangover after each drinking spree. So, if some drinking takes place after workouts, the resulting hangover could be severe, and this may cause you to skip workouts the next day.

Final Notes

From the above, it should be clear now why you shouldn’t hit the bar straight from the gym. If it is just for drinking mildly, then it’s perfectly fine. But do not forget that your hormone levels can be affected by alcohol intake. It affects Muscle Protein Synthesis, stops the burning of food calories, restricts you (through the power of its intoxication) from sticking to your dieting plan, causes drowsiness and a reduced interest in exercises and weakens the muscles.