3 Quick and Creative Ideas To Show Appreciation

Showing appreciation to friends, family, and co-workers is honorable, and sharing gratitude on a regular basis can be incredibly rewarding. Thanking an individual for a kind gesture or action, celebrating a special occasion, or simply reminding that person that he or she is loved and valued can significantly brighten anyone’s day. Here are three creative ideas for showing appreciation to someone special.

Personal Messages of Gratefulness

It’s fast and easy to send a text message, post a note on social media, or write an email expressing thankfulness, and such acts of kindness are gifts themselves. In addition to a text message or an email, consider a handwritten letter or card. In today’s digital world, it can be refreshing for an individual to receive a personally crafted note, which may feel more personal and thoughtful than a text message.

Tasty Treats

Another creative and simple idea to show thankfulness is delivering

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